What is Brixton?

Brixton is a district in south London, England.  It has one of the oldest standing windmills in England which was the inspiration for our logo.  Brixton was made famous by a couple of songs.  “The Guns of Brixton” by the Clash and “Electric Avenue” by Eddie Grant.  Electric Avenue in Brixton was one of the first in the UK to have electric street lighting installed.  Brixton is also a great bike frame where old world craftmanship meets new world technology.

Where are Brixton frames made?

Brixton frames and forks are designed in Italy and made in Taiwan is very small batches.  The frames are finished and painted in southern California.  All of our frames are made with Mitsubishi high modulus and super high modulus carbon (40-70 ton).  The frames are monocoque design and utilize EPS technology.

All Brixton bicycles are tested on the roads of Italy and Belgium before we approve the final production.  Even though a computer tells us our design is sound we don’t believe it until the bikes are used in “real world” riding conditions.

What are the ride characteristics of a Brixton bicycle?

Brixton bicycles are high perfomance racing bikes.  They are stiff and agile yet still stable at the same time.  Many customers tell us the bikes “surge” forward which is a positive reflection of the carbon layup and geometry.  Bottom line, Brixton bicycles like to be ridden and won’t disappoint.

Will my frame be prepped?

Yes. When your frame/fork arrives it will be chased, faced, honed, aligned and ready for assembly.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Items shipped within California are subject to California sales tax.

Will you cut my steerer tube?

When you purchase a complete bike we will cut your steerer tube to a stack height of 3cm which is our recommended maximum.  If you think you need it shorter we suggest you go to your local bike shop and have their mechanic cut it for you.  We will not cut the steerer tube if you purchase a frame/fork only.