brixton bicycles


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At Brixton bicycles we produce high performance frame sets and complete bicycles, using the latest technology, materials and testing. We know, all the top frame manufacturers say they use the latest technology and materials, so what sets Brixton apart? Besides the fact that our frame sets are reasonably priced (we don’t spend money on pro sponsorships and magazine spreads), every Brixton is hand finished and painted in the United States by our master painter. We produce limited edition and one of a kind paint schemes and the customer gets to design every aspect of their bike build.

Brixton bicycles offer a lively responsive ride, as a well designed and built frame should do (no 2×4’s here). Don’t believe us? Ask someone who is riding a Brixton and you won’t be able to get in a word edgewise. We have even heard stories about riders that sell all of their other very well known and respected bikes once they experience the quality of a Brixton.

Why do we do this?  Do you wear the same clothes as everyone else? Then why ride a carbon (no pun intended) copy of the bicycle the person next you is riding. We want your bike to be as individual as you are. Our frames are designed in Italy, hand laid up in Taiwan, and hand finished and painted in the U.S. We only make one road and one TT model for a reason. We believe in quality over quantity and you will know what we mean when you ride your first Brixton.

Where did the Brixton name come from? Simply put, Brixton is a place outside of London that has a unique history, not to mention a cool name. The founder didn’t want the bikes named after him because he is not the one building the frames. He felt that distinction should be reserved for the nearly extinct custom builder.

Brixton bicycles don’t just ride like a dream, they look like a masterpiece that could hang in a museum (they’re much happier when they are being ridden though).  Please call us anytime to discuss your new Brixton bicycle. We invite you to share our passion. Come ride a Brixton!